Willkommen: Rowan Coupland/Rue Royale/Like Spinning

Friday 14th September, Caxton Arms, Brighton, 7.30pm, £5.50 adv
TICKETS: http://wegottickets.com/willkommen

Willkommen’s unplugged nights at the Caxton Arms are returning for this one off show. If you’ve never been to one before, then expect intimacy, pin drop audience and the finest in songwriting and performance.

Rowan Coupland is a writer/singer/multi instrumentalist whose work focuses on the depths of situations, real and imagined. Touring across Europe and living and performing in Brighton, Paris and Vancouver, he is a musician who rarely settles. As part of the Willkommen collective, Rowan has toured with Mumford and Sons, performed at the Big Chill, End of the Road and Brighton festivals, been showcased at the Union Chapel in London and shared stages with Anna Calvi, Vetiver, Mount Eerie (the Microphones), Damien Jurado, Viking Moses and Diane Cluck…


Rue Royale
Ruth and Brookln Dekker have amassed 80,000 miles on the road in Europe alone since the release of their first eponymously-titled LP in 2008. Hushed and evocative melodies, harmonies and all sorts of wonder.


Like Spinning consists of both Norwegian and English members, based around singer/songwriter Kari Jahnsen. They make “beautiful, intricate melodies coupled with melancholy lyrics with a definite eery undertone of eccentric ethereality.


Tickets £5.50 from Resident Records and http://www.wegottickets.com/willkommen. Only 50 so don’t mess about.


Laish live session on The Waiting Room Radio

Exciting times in camp Laish. Our album is MIXED. We need to get it mastered too but all the parts are in the right place and it sounds satisfying. I can see the reviews already: “I preferred the first one”, “why have they sold out already? They suck” etc.

Fun times in Babylon

Anyway, in the meantime here’s The Waiting Room radio show featuring a very early morning live recording of us in a Cardiff studio and an interview. If you only like listening to our music, and want to skip through, we start 42 minutes in.

Six songs recorded in about 2 hours.  No overdubs.  Mostly first takes.


Tracks in order:


A Happy Accident

Warm the Wind



We Speak the Mantra

Thanks to Gareth Wardle for engineering and mixing and to Team Waiting Room for getting us drunk the night before and making us watch the entire Talking Heads Stop Making Sense DVD. It really inspired us. Auxiliary percussion. That’s the future…

Auxiliary Percussion = The Future



No Direction Home: Great

Our stage there. Look, no mud.

Dear readers, we just returned from a thoroughly delightful No Direction Home Festival.

Returning at 7pm on Monday, straight to a Sons of Noel and Adrian practice and then up again early today and I am ready to pass out.  I am going to try to get my thoughts down before the moment passes and I collapse into an exhausted coma.

Laish and our merry gang took a van and drove through torrential rain for about 7 hours on the Friday (cheers Dan), arriving just in time to catch the end of Warren Ellis and co kicking their way through an awesome Dirty Three set. Austra made me smile a lot of a lot.  And at about 1.30am I noticed the time,  put my drink down, stopped yelling at everything with excitement, and took myself to my deflated camp bed and forced myself to sleep.  Big day to follow!

Awake a bit too early, we got the breakfast going with our team and had a hearty camp fry up.  Drove over to the main stage and began the preparations.  Everyone was incredibly helpful, friendly, professional and generally put us at ease.  Emma I think made a friend for life with the main sound man.

Our moment came and the rain came to join us.  You can tell I’m nervous – my chat gives it away.  I stay relatively quiet between songs and occasionally say unconnected words.   But the set felt good.  Martha, Patrick, Emma and Dan all rocked it as hard as possible and I put in as much as I ever have.  The sound was satisfying and loud and the response from the wet hundreds was very positive.  We all felt very blessed to be there on that incredible stage.  We were playing and they were listening and they could have been taking shelter in a big tent and eating a nice pie.

The Saturday night got very silly indeed.  I’ve already said too much.

Sunday however.   The sun came out and so did my hat.  Everyone was smiling.  We took ourselves for a Rough Trade shop live session and immediately sold out of all of our stock.  Laish cd levels are now dangerously low.

The festival itself was the friendliest and cleanest I have encountered.  Real respect for the site, the music and the musicians.   Longer sets, great sound quality, amazing ales and food, plenty of time to just do nothing or go for a wander round the lake.  The sets were timed with minimal clashes.   I also got to witness and grin my way through these highlights in no particular order: David Thomas Broughton, Slow Club, Mikal Cronin, Father John Misty, Richard Hawley,  Joe Gideon and the Shark, Rachael Dadd, Trembling Bells, Liz Green, Other Lives….and definitely more.  I missed loads of the good stuff too, like the Wave Pictures dammit.  It’s inevitable.

At that point I was participating at the Boat House Stage for a songwriting Q&A.  Quite a surreal experience answering questions about songwriting.  Discussing the lyrics to songs feels counter intuitive and who knows what goes on when you’re bashing a song into shape.  There are no rules.  Anyway, it was fun.  I felt quite important for ten minutes.

I made my final appearance at the festival solo to about 30 people on the campfire secret stage at 3am on the Sunday night/Monday morning, no doubt noticeably drunk.  Again, they didn’t all walk away in disgust so I’m hoping they were enjoying it as much as I was.

I then found the secret free bar at about 4am and made my final mistakes of the weekend.

The drive back was painful and today is hard work.   But it was all worth it.

Here’s to next year…

Danny x

PS Look to your right. We have gigs coming up in London and more to come. You should come.

James Canty 12th June

by Peter Guy (I think)

Laish are opening for James Canty’s single launch at The Harrison, Kings Cross on Tuesday 12th June. It’s only £4 entry and doors are 7.30pm.

We’ll be fresh/rotten from our No Direction Home weekend and we look forward to seeing this chap and his band do their joyous thing.  Here’s a belter by him.

SONAA KNOTS Listening time

So here’s the new Sons of Noel and Adrian album in its entirety.  In case you missed something, I’m the drummer in this band which is why I keep banging on about Sons this and Sons that.  Anyway, A LOT of work went into the making of this album and I think you should probably buy the cd from here http://www.brokensoundmusic.com/shop.htm or buy the vinyl from OIB records whenever that is happening.  It’s had some pretty wildly positive reviews from the BBC, The 405 and For Folks Sake if these validations mean anything to you.

Because we are all such generous types, we have put the whole album on Bandcamp where you can stream it or pay for the high quality downloads.

So pour yourself a dram of your favourite malt, prepare your horse tranquilizers, sit in your comfy chair with your good headphones or your best speakers and LISTEN.


Rory Dickenson guests on Simple Folk Radio Show

Click on the postcard to hear

I invited my great friend, Rory Dickenson, to come guest on my Simple Folk radio show. What entailed was the sound of two men talking over each other, trying really hard to make the other corpse while playing an increasingly obscure and occasionally difficult selection of music. It was a real hoot of a session but we both left the room feeling sweaty and a bit ashamed. It occurred to us afterwards that we somehow neglected to consider that anyone may actually listen to the show. I wonder what you make of it.

Really looking forward to my next show. Got a growing list of new tunes to play…

Alternative Escape

Neighbourhood are doing this which is very exciting.  Full line up and times below.

Probably our last Brighton show for a little while…

Redwood Red – 12.15pm – http://redwoodred.bandcamp.com/

Like Spinning – 1.00pm – http://likespinning.bandcamp.com/

Laish – 1.45pm – http://soundcloud.com/laishmusic/sets

Special Guests – 2.30pm

Emily and the Woods – 3.15pm – http://soundcloud.com/emilyandthewoods

Karima Francis 4.00pm – http://soundcloud.com/karima-francis

Simian Ghost 4.45pm – http://soundcloud.com/simian-ghost

Stealing Sheep 5.30pm – http://soundcloud.com/stealingsheepofficial

Thankyou the UK



by Kari Jahnsen

Thanks a lot to all those who came out and supported Laish on our April Showers Tour (as it is now known).  We had a fantastic time and looking forward to the next one.

Here is a poster that signifies the future.  The Alternative Great Escape in Brighton.

And here is a session we recorded for Amazing Radio. There are three songs, but you have to click onto the player thing to see the other two.


You are right to be disturbed by this photo


Hey folks. So we are heading out on tour as of Thursday and we’d love it if you would come play with us! We have a lot of new songs to play you and we can’t wait.

19 bath, chapel arts (with People’s String Foundation) TICKETS
20 st austell, eden cafe (with Emma Gatrill)  TICKETS
21 falmouth, miss peapods (with Emma Gatrill) TICKETS
22 cardiff, 10 feet tall
23 leeds, oporto (supporting Christiaan Webb so get there early)
24 newcastle, cumberland arms (with Richard Dawson, Martha Rose)
25 london, old queens head (supporting Emily Portman) TICKETS
26 milton keynes, the stables (with Emma Gatrill) TICKETS
27 lewes, needlemakers (with Emma Gatrill)

Facebook Invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/312867122092924/

Here’s a recording of a new from last week’s Brighton show.

Emma Gatrill Debut Album

I am very proud to announce the release of our very own Emma Gatrill‘s stunning debut album, Chapter I, on May 14th through Willkommen.  The album has been on heavy rotation since receiving a sneak preview copy and it is a thing of wonder and beauty.  Highly recommended.

The release will be marked by two launch shows – one in Brighton’s Church of the Annunciation on Friday 4th May and one in London’s St Barnabas Church, Dalston, on Thursday 10th May.




Laish – Obituaries EP

by Jacob Richardson

So here it is. We’ve put together a new limited edition tour only release called Obituaries EP.  It is available to pre-order from http://laish.bandcamp.com and if you buy it now (for £4) you can download this song immediately.  It will be available to fully download on 2nd April and we are celebrating this date by hitting the tour bus hard.

We have also made 100 cds which we will have on tour with us throughout April.

We hope to have a video to show you very soon for this song.

I don’t have much more to say about it right now, given that I’m a bit exhausted, but big thanks to Mike Stix Steer for getting the first two tracks mixed.

If you want more information for press purposes, see https://laishmusic.com/biog/

Those tour dates:


3 bristol, fleece* TICKETS
4 norwich, arts centre* TICKETS
5 london, bush hall* TICKETS
7 brighton, the haunt* TICKETS

(* with Sons of Noel & Adrian and Emma Gatrill)

18 leeds, communion (with Saul Ashby)
19 bath, chapel arts (with People’s String Foundation) TICKETS
20 st austell, eden cafe TICKETS
21 falmouth, miss peapods TICKETS
22 cardiff, 10 feet tall
24 newcastle, cumberland arms (with Richard Dawson, Martha Rose)
25 london, old queens head (supporting Emily Portman) TICKETS
26 milton keynes, the stables (with Emma Gatrill) TICKETS
27 lewes, needlemakers (with Emma Gatrill)

Facebook Invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/312867122092924/

by Jacob Richardson

Oh yeah did I mention

Please note London venue has changed to Bush Hall, though I don’t think there is an amended poster to reflects this change.

Did I mention we have a brand spanking new Laish EP that by the grace of the tide will be available to purchase on this tour?  Now you know.