Learning to Love the Bomb Video

I am ridiculously excited to share this new music video with you for our song about growing up and embracing responsibility, Learning to Love the Bomb.

It was made over two days with the excellent film maker, Ruth Pickett, who also made our Song for Everything video.


Last few hours remain on our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. You know what to do!

learning to love overlay


Song for Everything Music Video

It is partly a song about songwriting. I find it is a strange process. To begin with it is utterly solitary as I write alone, late at night and then later it becomes a public performance to be shared in a room or on a record. This process is quite harmful to me in many ways, but I do it anyway. The song is also a love letter to my girlfriend who has to put up with my strange existence.

The video was directed and produced by the wonderful Ruth Pickett who was inspired by the idea of manipulating the movement of time marching both forwards and backwards. We filmed it all in one short winter day before the sun set and I learned to sing half of the words the wrong way round and to follow her very precise direction.

If you enjoy, please share.

Indiegogo Fundraiser, new EP


I have just launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign in order to complete my new album, Pendulum Swing, and get it into your hands. This is the first time I am reaching out to my family, friends and supporters and I’m really excited!

How you can help: support the campaign today! By joining the campaign, you will have access to my brand new EP, Song for Everything today, and the new album when it is ready. There are some really great rewards and exclusives.

Danny Laish x


Laish Italy tour starts tomorrow

laish italy 2016 poster 3

Hi, how are you?
I have good news, I will return to Italy for a two week solo tour starting tomorrow.

This will be my third tour of the country and I am very excited to be exploring Italy in the winter.
I will be travelling for the first time with my electric guitar and I will be performing a lot of new songs. Also I have put together a tour-only cd called ‘Gennaio’. This will be only a limited edition of 60 copies with exclusive new tracks, covers and rarities. Each one will have an individually hand drawn sleeve, made by me on my travels.

Here’s some examples:laish handdrawn covers collection

There are a few gaps in the schedule from 17-21st January so if you can help with organising a show or a house concert then get in touch with my booking agent, Davide at Hang The Dj – booking agency, hangthedjbooking@gmail.com.

8 Verona – Osteria ai Preti – Facebook
9 Schio Vicenza – Old Barrell – Facebook
10 Varese – Twiggy – Facebook
11 Torino – house concert – Facebook
13 Genova – Taverna Zaccaria
14 Roma – Na Cosetta – Facebook
15 Vasto – Vico degli Artisti
16 Foggia – Tolleranza Zero
22 Livorno – ExCinema Aurora
See you soon?

Artwork by Jessamy Hawke – Jessamyhawke.co.uk


We Come Alive Covers Project!


Here is something amazing! Allow me to unveil the first instalment of the We Come Alive Covers Project.

I drew up a list of musical friends and heroes and asked each one to submit a cover song chosen by someone else on that list. I love hearing good covers, it is such an interesting process seeing how people approach performing and recording someone else’s material. I also wanted be part of bringing together the musical community that surrounds and inspires me through running We Come Alive shows in London.

Click here to hear four songs from the project right now which are:

1. Ezra Furman – Oxygen (originally by Willy Mason)
2. Laish – The Great Divide (originally by Pat Dam Smyth)
3. Left With Pictures – My Zero (originally by Ezra Furman)
4. Mouth 4 Rusty – Hard Hand to Hold (originally by Willy Mason)

Initially around 20 songwriters and bands agreed to participate. As I write this, 13 tracks have been recorded and I absolutely love them! The collection is an incredibly enjoyable, surprising, varied set of songs and I would like to begin sharing them in instalments as they are worthy of taking time to savour. More tracks are due to appear soon, including recordings by Willy Mason, David Thomas Broughton and This is The Kit.

Please show your support by sharing these and checking out more material by the artists involved.

And this Sunday it is the 10th We Come Alive show at The Harrison, Kings Cross with Laish (full band show – 6 piece electric new songs yeah!), Scarlet Starlings and Nuala Honan. It is going to be amazing, and a few tickets still remain here.

As a little treat, everyone who attends the show on Sunday will get a unique access code to hear all the 13 available songs exclusively before anyone else.

These great artists have already submitted tracks (clears throat)…

Ezra Furman
David Thomas Broughton
Left With Pictures
Mouth 4 Rusty
Chris Belson
Kristin McClement
Rowan Coupland
Alabaster Deplume
Ellie Ford
The Magic Lantern
Love V Fear
Office of Aurora
Also expecting tracks from:
Willy Mason
This is The Kit
Pat Dam Smyth
Nuala Honan
Scarlet Starlings
Hot Feet
The Gentle Good
and maybe a few more…

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy,

Danny Laish

Laish – Concerts in the Capital

laish concerts in the capital2

Hi folks

It’s been a busy year with a lot of shows and festivals in UK, Switzerland and Italy (back in Italy, Jan 2016), running a new music night called We Come Alive, and also preparing tracks for a new full band Laish album.  Perhaps equally excitingly I have spent the last ten minutes knocking up this little poster to let you know about the London shows happening in the next few weeks.

(I have the new Julia Holter album on repeat this morning. Have you heard it?!)

For all those people in other, calmer parts of the world, or who prefer to keep me at arm’s length, here is that Laish Union Chapel show in full.

I am very excited to be playing with a band again.  It has taken shape over the last year or so, and I am grateful to be sharing my music with such wonderful musicians.  You’ll have to get down to The Harrison at one of the below, to check us out.

25 Oct – The Harrison, full band, All Day Folk Festival (stage time 10pm)
13 Nov – St Pancras Old Church, solo, supporting Junius Meyvant – sold out
15 Nov – The Harrison, full band headline at We Come Alive – tickets
15 Dec – Green note, solo – supporting John Lawrence – tickets

One last date for your diary – Sun 18 October, the next We Come Alive show features some excellent musical friends, female fronted joyous indie pop from The Graphite Set, songwriter extraordinaire Andrew Butler and one extra special guest I can’t announce but who is achingly brilliant.  Details and tickets.

Until the next time, where I trust the news will be less London-centric.

Thanks for joining me.
Danny Laish

Laish back catalogue is here.

NEWS! Laish solo tour dates of Italy in July + new song online

Laish Italy 15 tour announcement

So the good news is, the second half of July will be spent navigating the hot paths of Italy.  I will be armed with an acoustic guitar, a box of cds, and hopefully enough clean shirts to keep me fragrant.  I am very excited!  As well as my proper albums, I will be carrying 50 copies of a CDR album called ‘Discarded Miscellany’, containing demos, covers and unheard songs which won’t make my new official Laish album.  Each copy will have an individually hand drawn and signed cardboard sleeve which I will make while travelling on the trains between the shows. These are strictly limited to 50 copies and will only be available on this Italian tour, so you know what you have to do.  Be in Italy.
All dates booked by Hang The DJ booking.
14 Genova, Beautiful Loser
15 Padova, CO
16 Lugo, Groove
18 Montecarotto, Palazzo Baldoni
20 Valmontone, Les Maudits
21 Lucera, Kublai
22 Avellino, Godot
23 Nocera Inferiore, Punto Lab
24 Bellizzi, Freadom
25 Ercolano, Cratere
And if that bombshell wasn’t enough, then here is Pace of Life, a song produced this week, made specially for this Italian adventure, available to buy/stream now.  It is like a slow philosophical meditation on my increasingly fast way of life in the capital city.  The melody got stuck in my head so I had to capture it as quickly as possible.