New video! Dance to the Rhythm

Oh my what an incredible day this was. Hats off to Ruth Pickett who created and directed this video, and to all those who lent their time and skills to making this happen.

The Line Of Best Fit said: “Endlessly fun and compelling in equal measure. The chorus explodes with tireless excitement and will no doubt become an earworm.”

Time Elastic album out April 13. Pre-order here

UK/France April tour dates here

Enjoy – and if you do, share! x

Blink of an Eye live video

Blink of an Eye is a song inspired by my dear uncle Paul, who was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. I wanted to write something for him and I was inspired by the speech he made at his 40th wedding anniversary, a beautiful declaration of loving gratitude to his family. I wrote this song in response to those words. “40 years of my life in the blink of an eye”.

This song is taken from the Time Elastic album. Here’s a stripped back live version we recorded at Tim Bidwell’s Clockwork Owl studio in Brighton, where the album was made.


Time Elastic live video

Recorded recently for an invited audience at Brighton Electric, this is an extended version of Time Elastic.

The album, Time Elastic, is out on 13th April via Talitres. Pre-orders of ltd green vinyl/cd/digital are available here.

Here’s the Spotify link.


13 Deal, The Lighthouse
16 Brighton, The Greys – tickets
17 London, The Borderline – tickets
18 Lancaster, Yorkshire House – tickets
19 Newcastle, Cumberland Arms – tickets
20 Stroud, Stroud Valley Artspace – tickets
21 Bristol, Cafe Kino – tickets
Laish time elastic tour poster 1






Hey you!

I’m very happy to announce we have a new album and it’s called Time Elastic. It was recorded in Brighton at the end of last summer with a bunch of great friends and musical legends. I poured my heart into this one and I’m very excited for you to hear it.

Here’s the title track video and soundcloud link. Like, comment and share people!

The album will be released on April 13 via Talitres on vinyl/cd/digital. Oh and as you are my crew, you get first dibs on the LIMITED EDITION KELLY GREEN TRANSPARENT VINYL. I felt that deserved caps.

As of now it is on Spotify/Apple/iTunes preorder so do add it to a playlist and send it to your lover.

If you would like to help out, please share the video/song on your preferred social media. Also, feel free to drop me a line to say hi. I miss you guys.

Tour dates
We will be hitting the road in April, doing a series of album release parties – our first UK tour since 2013. Tickets available now.

13 Deal, The Lighthouse
16 Brighton, The Greys – tickets
17 London, The Borderline – tickets
18 Lancaster, Yorkshire House – tickets
19 Newcastle, Cumberland Arms – tickets
20 Stroud, Stroud Valley Artspace – tickets
21 Bristol, Cafe Kino – tickets

We need you for our live video! 
One last thing, we will be making a live video recording in Brighton on 10th February at 1pm at Brighton Electric and we would love to play for an audience. If you would like to join us for a very fun afternoon, then please mark yourself attending on the Facebook event page and bring your friends.

I think that’ll do for now. I’m going stick on a Fall record and imagine what Mark E Smith might say about my band.

Hope to see you in person soon. Stay strong.

Danny Laish x

Pendulum Swing album out on Friday!

Laish Pendulum swing FRONT COVER FINAL lo res

Laish – Pendulum Swing

Released on 4th November on vinyl/cd/digital via Talitres Records. Click here to order.

Launch party, with full band and support from Low Chimes (formerly Hot Feet) on  16th November at Courtyard Theatre: tickets



1 – Vague
2 – Learning to Love the Bomb
3 – Love on the Conditional
4 – Song for Everything
5 – The Last Time
6 – My Little Prince
7 – Pendulum Swing
8 – Wrote of Freedom
9 – Rattling Around
10 – Gambling
11 – We Haven’t Made Any Money
12 – Isolation

Danny Laish speaks: “I could feel myself becoming fossilised in Brighton, hardening into the grooves of my drinking and laziness so before I became fully set in amber, I dragged myself away and moved to London. Landing in the capital as a single and penniless adult was a harsh slap in the face, a mirror held up to my failure and lack of preparation for any kind of real life outside of music.

I spent a year of gradually learning to love the pace of life in the city and I finally found the nerve to book a real studio and get to work on the album that had been forming during this turbulent period. I was honest with myself about the sounds and the kinds of songs that excite my ears. I wanted to get across a simple truth but for there to be no barriers to the listener, for it to really sound vibrant, sexy and humorous.”

Here are the three music videos taken from the album, all directed by Ruth Pickett at Square Cat Films.

European September tour

I am very excited to announce that I am supporting the amazing Icelandic band, Junius Meyvant, on their European tour in September. Here’s what the journey looks like.

junius tour poster

Here’s what they sound like…