NEWS! Laish solo tour dates of Italy in July + new song online

Laish Italy 15 tour announcement

So the good news is, the second half of July will be spent navigating the hot paths of Italy.  I will be armed with an acoustic guitar, a box of cds, and hopefully enough clean shirts to keep me fragrant.  I am very excited!  As well as my proper albums, I will be carrying 50 copies of a CDR album called ‘Discarded Miscellany’, containing demos, covers and unheard songs which won’t make my new official Laish album.  Each copy will have an individually hand drawn and signed cardboard sleeve which I will make while travelling on the trains between the shows. These are strictly limited to 50 copies and will only be available on this Italian tour, so you know what you have to do.  Be in Italy.
All dates booked by Hang The DJ booking.
14 Genova, Beautiful Loser
15 Padova, CO
16 Lugo, Groove
18 Montecarotto, Palazzo Baldoni
20 Valmontone, Les Maudits
21 Lucera, Kublai
22 Avellino, Godot
23 Nocera Inferiore, Punto Lab
24 Bellizzi, Freadom
25 Ercolano, Cratere
And if that bombshell wasn’t enough, then here is Pace of Life, a song produced this week, made specially for this Italian adventure, available to buy/stream now.  It is like a slow philosophical meditation on my increasingly fast way of life in the capital city.  The melody got stuck in my head so I had to capture it as quickly as possible.