Laish – Vague, live at Sofar Cambridge

The rain that night was intense.  There was an unusual energy in the room.  One girl got so drunk she starting repeatedly slamming one of the doors until she was forcibly ejected.  I was ready for the unexpected and also sweating profusely.  You can’t hide for one second in these house shows.

This song, Vague, is inspired by this trilogy of novels by Lars Iyer following a pair of drunken intellectuals as they ramble and pick each other apart with ferocious love.  The opening line is lifted wholesale from one of its pages.

Have you been to Sofar Sounds?  Intimate house concerts in locations across the world. You sign up on the website and when you get that email notifying you of a house gig in your area you have to be quick to reply to get on the guestlist as they are enormously popular.