The gears turn!

Suddenly finding myself very busy here in the capital. Good, that was the idea.

I have been writing and recording a lot. Also co-writing with some new friends. I am aware that it’s been ages since I’ve released anything proper so there’s a little something for you below: two solo guitar instrumentals that I recorded at Dave the Well’s house in Brighton last year. I am fully intending to finish a new album with these songs that have been sloshing around, fermenting for a while now.

I have been teaching guitar, ukulele and music production skills to children and adults. It’s been a really rewarding experience. Always open to new students in the London area.

Got some wonderful gigs coming up. From Ninja Tune Records I’m supporting the excellent Grasscut at Vortex Jazz on Thursday 9th October.

I’m playing some instrumental musical interludes for the Daylight Music show at Union Chapel on 11th October. Here’s a taste of what it might sound like…

Playing at Surya, Kings Cross on Monday 13th October.

And then Bristol’s Lion Den at the Golden Lion on Tuesday 14th.

And then the really exciting news for me is that I am starting a regular monthly night called ‘We Come Alive’ at the beautiful pub, The Harrison by Kings Cross. I have played many times at their old night there called ‘Into the Warm’ for years and I will be running this as a night of handpicked bands, songwriters and musicians.

The food there is incredible and they always have a great selection of ales. I should move in…

The first night party is on Sunday 16th November and has some very special guest secret headliners who I really can’t tell you until November. I can tell you they have been going 17 years, and have released an album for every year of their existence.
(the amazing) Rozi Plain
(the me) Laish

Rozi Plain is a unique songwriter with a truly original voice. Poised, elegant and with a simplicity that invites interpretation, she is endlessly inventive and restlessly creative. She has toured the world and collaborated with the likes of Rachael Dadd and This is the Kit.
So far she has released two remarkable albums that possess a fragile magnetism and have been championed by tastemakers and audiences alike. She has played at all the best festivals like End of the Road, Green Man, Mandstock and Great Escape.

Laish is me. I am hosting this evening and will be opening proceedings. I may well be nervous and frazzled as it is the first night and I have booked a band that shouldn’t really play venues this small anymore. Expect to hear some new songs from me, doing my sweet thing.