Laish live session on The Waiting Room Radio

Exciting times in camp Laish. Our album is MIXED. We need to get it mastered too but all the parts are in the right place and it sounds satisfying. I can see the reviews already: “I preferred the first one”, “why have they sold out already? They suck” etc.

Fun times in Babylon

Anyway, in the meantime here’s The Waiting Room radio show featuring a very early morning live recording of us in a Cardiff studio and an interview. If you only like listening to our music, and want to skip through, we start 42 minutes in.

Six songs recorded in about 2 hours.  No overdubs.  Mostly first takes.

Tracks in order:


A Happy Accident

Warm the Wind



We Speak the Mantra

Thanks to Gareth Wardle for engineering and mixing and to Team Waiting Room for getting us drunk the night before and making us watch the entire Talking Heads Stop Making Sense DVD. It really inspired us. Auxiliary percussion. That’s the future…

Auxiliary Percussion = The Future