SONAA KNOTS Listening time

So here’s the new Sons of Noel and Adrian album in its entirety.  In case you missed something, I’m the drummer in this band which is why I keep banging on about Sons this and Sons that.  Anyway, A LOT of work went into the making of this album and I think you should probably buy the cd from here or buy the vinyl from OIB records whenever that is happening.  It’s had some pretty wildly positive reviews from the BBC, The 405 and For Folks Sake if these validations mean anything to you.

Because we are all such generous types, we have put the whole album on Bandcamp where you can stream it or pay for the high quality downloads.

So pour yourself a dram of your favourite malt, prepare your horse tranquilizers, sit in your comfy chair with your good headphones or your best speakers and LISTEN.