Simple Folk Radio Show Online

Andy Wallis, by Terri Desmonds (I think)


Well! I trust you are enjoying the renamed domain. There’s an album title.

Last week I presented Simple Folk Radio and Andy Wallis (above) was my guest, aided by the ghost of Dillon. Said ghost has just put our session from last week online in a speedy fashion which is good news for people who like music and the sound of my voice (hi mom!).

It was quite the hoot and Andy was a most erudite and charming guest. We each allowed those precious awkward radio silences to stretch out into the abyss, and tried our best to resist the temptation to laugh like idiots at everything.

Next show I do (going out 29th Feb unless I hear otherwise) I’m going to attempt to self-edit the word ‘umm’ from my vocabulary. The rest of my conversational tics can remain intact for the time being.

Click on the postcard below to hear the show.