January Gigs Brighton and Bristol

Happy New Year to you all!  Those festive celebrations must seem like a distant memory as you frantically attempt to catch up on admin, improve your health and acquire a better life.

Many good things are pipelined for Laish this year but I think it is not quite the time to let you know about all that yet.  Instead let me take this platform to plug some related gigs.

The rather tremendous 9 piece prog rock band I kindly moonlight with, Sons of Noel and Adrian, are doing a rare Brighton show on 23rd January at the Prince Albert.  I hear tickets cost an almost insultingly cheap £4 and are selling very well.  http://www.ents24.com/web/event/Sea-Monsters-2-Prince-Albert-Brighton-2729826.html

Then on the 31st January, I am off to Bristol to do an even rarer solo show in Bristol at the Golden Lion.  Quite looking forward to it I am.