Foxslop and Tel Aviv baby



What a tremendous weekend. A memorable and intimate show at the Caxton with our very own Martha Rose, Emma Gatrill and Cathy Cardin destroying everyone in the room. I felt privileged to add guitar textures and bits of percussion to the proceedings. The Laish gang then ended up doing a full set at the end and it was a great way to warm our musical bones ready for the big fat Foxtrot.

And what a day! A clear and sunny sky perfect for a bit of cricket and a festival branded ale. Foxslop.

Starting off with the high bar raiser of Eyes and No Eyes. Tristram and co just keep getting better.

Then Emma G had to go emotionally slay everyone in the acoustic lounge before we took to the stage. Pretty soon we won’t be able to afford her anymore…

Warming up in the backstage bit, Frances Animal Magic Tricks was there and we decided at that moment to sing Leave me to Lie Alone in the Ground at the end of our set.

Playing unplugged to a packed room of smiling faces felt really good.  I said after our first song that we really enjoy playing unplugged to which there was a kind of awkward titter from the crowd. Damn my sarcastic voice!  I have been known to offer sincere words, even on stage.

It really did feel good to be there with my sexy new band who fill me up.

Unfortunately I missed Birdengine, whose set clashed with ours. We had competitive banter throughout the day. Which of course I won at.

Everyone I saw was great. Dancehalls, Peggy Sue, Early Ghost, Sam Amidon and Herman Dune. I joined Animal Magic Tricks for a couple of songs that required a choir. The song, Clockwork, simply melts me. Around that time I had a terribly fumbling conversation with David Herman Dune. I turned into a proper geek fanboy. But I did manage to regain my dignity by joining a giant dance club during their set. Every count of 4 the next person had to invent a silly move for us to all do. It was definitely good for the cardiovascular. Perhaps it was a step too far to sing the girly bits of the songs really loud but the foxslop had done its job by that part of the day.

So what’s next? Well I’m playing a show at the Hasimta Theatre, Tel Aviv with a great singer called Rotem Bar Or and his band The Angelcy. The idea is for us to collaborate for the night, sharing his band and doing some song swapping.  At this stage it is just a very grand plan but I have been swatting up on his songs and making notes.

And still I keep coming back to Foxswap. Pride.

See you deep into the post-summer depression. Now where did I put my passport?

Danny x