Thursday Foxswap Listening Party In Your Ears

That’s right.  Like all proper record label ventures, we are delaying things to keep you on your toes.  Not for months.  Just two days.  And not deliberately mind, just because it turns out it’s actually quite hard to knock out a decent tune and mix it and email it at a few week’s notice.  These people got lives to lead!

Well, to give you an update.  I currently have 14 songs uploaded to the bandcamp site, hidden from your prying eyes.  I am expecting to add two more to that list TODAY and maybe another one tomorrow.  Then we are good to go.  There may well be added surprises as the days pass but for the moment I am working towards the 16-17 number.

Richard Dawson has done something beautiful and terrifying.  Martha Rose has done something sparse and wonderful.  Animal Magic Tricks has done something sublime.

Dammit I am so proud of everyone!  Each song is a beauty.

Right enough gushing.  I am going to go sit by the window for a moment and mourn the end of summer.