Willkommen Foxswap – Willkommen artists covering songs by Willkommen artists. – 6th September available as download from Bandcamp.  Please make a donation to the PIAS/AIM fund.  Details below.

Willkommen Foxtrot Festival, 11th September, Brighton.

The Willkommen Collective has been an active and prolific member of the alternative folk and skewed pop community for the last five years. The loose membership of the collective has swelled over time and there has always been a camaraderie and sense of communion throughout all the various activities. Bands evolve, share members, collaborate, tour together, splinter off; peripheral members realise they can write songs and start new bands and so off it spirals.

Perhaps the greatest success story has been The Leisure Society, whose meteoric rise has made our bosoms swell with pride. That’s not to forget the sterling work of about twenty acts who make up the collective, including Sons of Noel and Adrian, Laish, Kristin McClement, The Climbers, and more recently Dancehalls, Emma Gatrill and Redwood Red. There are many others who we consider part of our musical tribe such as Rachael Dadd, Mariner’s Children and Eyes and No Eyes (formally Tristram) all of whom make up the excellent Broken Sound Records roster.

And what better way to feel honoured as a songwriter than to have a respected co-conspirator sing one of your songs. So I asked everyone I could possibly think of to choose a song by someone else in the collective and record it before Willkommen Foxtrot, the festival in Brighton on 11th September. I only gave them 3 weeks.

The response has been amazing.

Some are in already. I am expecting around 15 covers.  Already I can hear they are a beguiling mix of studio quality recordings, four track documents and dictaphone style room recordings. It is good just to hear these voices sing something unexpected.

The tracks will be up as soon as they are all in but expect them before the preview night ECHO at the Caxton Arms on Saturday 10th and FOXTROT!

All the artists are truly extraordinary, sharing exclusively recorded songs just for your ears. Let us support those whose music we respect and admire. And please share the music.

The other reason to do this is to draw attention to the fact that almost all of the Willkommen Records stock went up in flames at the PIAS warehouse during the riots. We have a few spare albums albums kicking around in a box under the stairs but that’s about it. It is time to raise funds for the PIAS/AIM fund which is helping labels to continue to release great music during the fall out.

£10 seems like a fair amount to ask for such an undertaking.  The download itself will be free (otherwise we run the risk of getting into all sorts of legal trouble), but we ask that you make a £10 donation to the fund which you can do by directly transferring funds from your account to the fund with these details.  This way ensures 100% of funds go to the cause and there are no merchant/transaction fees creaming off the top.

AIM/PIAS EMERGENCY FUND BANK DETAILS: Account Number: 07699611, Sort Code – 18 00 02 – Add any special references, Swift code – coutgb22, Iban – GB91COUT 18000207699611

The Willkommen Collective intends to release great music over the coming months.

Keep yourself posted.  Join our twitters, sign up to our mailing lists.

Right then, on your bike. Come back in a few days to download the spectacular results.

Danny Green, Willkommen Collective Representing