Holy Calamity!

Today, I am sitting on a large red leather sofa in a control room of Brighton Electric recording studio listening to Marcus make horrible swelling brown noises on an electric guitar while I wait for coffee to be delivered by our faithful runner, Chris.

Sons of Noel and Adrian album two recording has begun in earnest.   Caffeinated up to the eyeballs, let us try to piece together what we blindly assume will be a shining masterpiece of skewed noir folk weirdness.

Funding for recording the album came from the gig we did in Belgium last month.   And we blew half the budget touring round Ireland last week with Peggy Sue and Pete Roe.  Below is the best photo captured all week featuring the artistically imagined Pete Roe on Olly’s chest.  No further comment at this stage. Except that we should all probably grow up a bit.

Caption competition

The tour was somewhat calamitous.  Most of the gigs were rather sparsely attended, we were hit with a lot of unexpected expenses, our van was broken into relieving us of a few I-Pods (mine included DAMMIT!) and then my drumstick bag went missing.  We came home broke and sick of the sound of music.

Thankfully we had a few particularly memorable nights. The Clonakilty Guitar Festival being my highlight.  We were due to do an impromptu unplugged set in the venue before a loud metal band went on.  Instead, we sat at the table by the bar and just started playing a few Laish songs, a few Shoreline songs, a few covers and then when the crowds had really gathered we played a Sons set.  The Guinness was never ending and we played until they eventually had to ask us to stop.

On a different note, I played a lovely solo Laish gig last night at Charleston House in a beautifully decked out Arabian tent with Animal Magic Tricks and Rowan Coupland.  It was a literary event and I played to a very respectful and (presumably) literate crowd.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to reimagine my songs, to allow them to lose their original form and find a new shape.

Right then.  I think my heart is about to explode.  Since I starting writing this blog, I have ingested more caffeine than a street charity fundraiser.  I have also managed to successfully record drums on a couple of songs, so that’s a relief.

Foxtrot has been and gone.  It was a beautiful day and great to be placed into a relevant musical context. Here’s a video roundup: