Laish and Curly Hair hit the road – want to help?

Yes it’s time to hit the road again. And hit it hard.

Our album will see the physical light of day in November so we plan to get out and tour the UK in October and flog some serious hard copies before it’s available to buy in shops.

And joining us are none other than thrift shop pop darlings of the wireless, Curly Hair. Named (presumably) in honour of my own wild curlsome locks.

So far we have shows confirmed in Newcastle, Scotland, Brighton and Lewes but there are a few gaps. Perhaps you’d like to put us up in your living room and have some kind of memorable and rather musically excellent house party? Don’t worry, we’re all good conversationalists, very well behaved and like all the best environmentally-minded festivals, we leave no trace.

Just send us an email ( and we’ll be in touch before you’ve had time to update your status or poke your missus.

The tour is 22-31 October. When’s good for you?

Oh and did anyone know Sons of Noel and Adrian are playing twice at The Greenman Festival? We barely knew ourselves. But now we do and so do you.