Photos from the Southbank

Thanks for having us Richard Thompson!

We had a lovely time playing in that enormous room on that big stage with an audience in 360 degrees.   I felt like Bono, Ben felt like The Edge.  Mike felt like U2’s drummer.  We were girl-less for this show.  We were The Laish, an all male power folk trio.  Jolly fun it was too.

I was completely thrown about 30 seconds before we were due on stage.  Ben broke a bass guitar string and had exactly 29 seconds to refit a new string and tune it up.  Thankfully he’s a bloody pro.  And thankfully I was able to regain my brain and remember how to play my nice guitar.
We played and then we went off to watch England’s football team show the world how much they are overpaid.

Here’s a link to some rather sexy photos.