Danny in Leipzig

Well, I am slept, showered, fed with multiple desirable breakfast items and about to brush my teeth, so I thought I would nip on here to share that with you.

After 14 hours of vans, ferries, Kraftwerk and service stations from the future, we arrived confused and staggering into Leipzig. We had driven through five countries in that time and by the time I made it to the stage to play the opening Laish set by myself, I found myself saying:

“Good evening, welcome to, er, Germany.”

About ten minutes earlier I had been in my bed, above the venue, snatching some precious last minute sleep. I awoke with a tremor in my bones which I took to the enormous stage. The venue, UT Connewitz, is an old cinema. With cinema seating, decorative crumbling decor and a high reverberating ceiling, it is a very atmospheric room.

My set consisted of almost entirely new songs. I don’t usually like making things easy for my self. I was generally fairly pleased with how it went, though I officially hate tuning my guitar. I tried to speak slowly between songs, but I had nothing really to say, so I felt a bit awkward.

The following band Digger Barnes were great. What was particularly exciting was that the singer is German but performs entirely as an American gentleman of the deep south. The picture you can see above was from my soundcheck and you can see a rather strange contraption that looks like something from Twin Peaks or even Lost. In fact it was a spinning device with characters heads from his songs, lit up to provide added atmosphere. Unfortunately they took it away during my set, I would have enjoyed it.

Sons of Noel and Adrian were a tired bunch after Digger Barne’s rather long set. It was after 11pm before we made it to the stage. A few hilarious technical brain hitches from Jacob, some crackling noises that shouldn’t have been on stage and the odd bum beat from myself made for a shaky but nevertheless thrilling start to the tour. First one is out of the way. We are gonna blooming rock it tonight.

Ninja please.

Our German booking agent, The Excellent Dennis, is joining us til Sunday. As he puts it, it is nice to be on tour.

So let us go, everyone is about to go for a walk. I best join em.