“Welcome to the twenty first century!”

Possibly the exact moment when I had my technological epiphany

Here’s a somewhat belated attempt to join the real modern world.  Which it turns out is based mostly online.  I came to the (again rather slow on this one, forgive me) conclusion that nothing actually happens in reality or definitely exists in time unless there is someone to upload a youtube video featuring someone falling over it.

So here’s my opportunity.  A blog.  A slightly restricted and pre-designed website to keep you (the world!) up to date on the goings on of these musical projects.

I realised while sitting by a fire in a magical forest that I need to spend just a bit more time dicking about online, bringing together all of the musical happenings that occur in the Willkommen Collective camp.   Most likely, my two bands LAISH and Sons of Noel and Adrian although I am a generous soul and wish to promote the music of my friends too.


Danny, Laish